Perspectives on Art

This short article will likely upset some readers but I am known for always speaking my mind and thus that is what I shall do in writing. If you do not share my view you are certainly as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Art has been around almost as long as man himself. Its creation is the one constant that all civilisations have in common but the nature of art has been ever changing. At times art has been about documentation, aesthetics or expression; all of which I consider to be noble and worthwhile purposes but it would seem that in the 21st century things have changed...

There are still many true artists around but most don't get the recognition they deserve and while their great works fade into obscurity the art world is plagued by posers or would be artists. In fact many of the best known and most recognised so called artists of our time have ceased creating art out of passion; instead they base their art on pseudo-intellectual nonsense or artistic arrogance thus creating works that mean nothing beyond the monetary value assigned to them when they were sold.

Art should be more than a concept or an investment, it should have a purpose. What that purpose is should be for the artist to decide but the reasons behind the creation of a work of art should always be pure.

Personally, my creation process involves a search for something that comes from within the heart or the mind but never from an intention to impose my vision upon the viewer. I'll admit it: I want my buyers to appreciate my prints for their aesthetics and because they allow them see or feel something deeply personal, not because they merely see them as a good investment. You'll never find me making long speeches about one of my works, instead I believe that what one sees in it is very intimate because we will all see and perceive it differently. I'm always happy to explain what I had in mind during the creation process but my original vision is unique and personal; thus I prefer the initial impression to strictly be the uninfluenced viewer's. Indeed, it is my belief that art must stand on its own and never merely on the concept behind it.